How does a tandem flight work ?

After going through the necessary safety check, you have to run forward two or three steps on a gentile hillside… and you`ll glide above volcanoes, fields and the ocean, feeling as free as an eagle! Let your dreams come true and experience an unforgettable flight !

Is there an age limit ?

There is no age limit but children must have parental consent

A weight limit ?

For Paragliding:  Your weight should be between 40 kg (80 Pounds) and 100 kg (220 Pounds)
For Hang gliding:  maximum 80 Kg

What if I am not sporty ?

You don’t need any particular physical condition or technical skill.
But for your own safety, it is important to inform us if you have any medical condition (previous injuries, cardiac condition, motion sickness, pregnancy…).

What to bring ?

Wear hiking shoes, seasonal clothing and sunglasses.